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Alacorn Computer Enterprises
a sad farewell to all


sadly folks, I must announce the end of this companies life cycle!
due to low income and a drastic decline in PC prices from companies like newegg, alacorn computer enterprises is forced to close its doors!

it was a blast while it lasted, and I'm sorry to go! but what must be, must be

* note, any of the other services I have provided, the grabbag web site, firestorm gaming site and such are still available from the links below:

farewell to all!

Do you require something in other areas than hardware? We recommend the following sites to fulfill your other needs!

For aid in the use of a computer by the blind and assistance to blind programmers see the Grab Bag site by Inthaneelf:
Inthane's Grab bag site

For those folks interested in Role Playing Games like Dungeons and Dragons for and by the blind, or reading and writing stories in the Fantasy or Science-Fiction Categories, come talk to me at:
Firestorms Gaming Inferno

dated: 3/26/2014